Monday, December 31, 2012

Breaking the silence! forever?


     The whole of delhi and eventually India coming together for the cause of delivering justice  the 23-year old gangrape victim reflects the courage and values the present youth of India possesses. Standing against the brutal, insensitive police force and apathetic group of leaders, withstanding water cannons, lathicharge heralded on them consistently, the intensely committed youth shook the conscience of the entire nation. It is utmost saddening that it took a life of this brave-hearted girl to awaken the souls of the citizens, but that the nation is awaken forever will be a true tribute to her sacrifice.  That we wont shut up and fight for better system, better governance and stand up against any and every injustice. That enough is enough! and gone are the days when silence was considered the best and optimum solution to keep oneself away from problems..That we as an individual will ensure safer and pleasant surrounding in every way for every individual. That we have broken the silence forever!!
    Saluting the youth of India and pledging to be one such responsible citizen, I hope and wish that defying all odds, the power and positive energy we possess will unite and multiply to give way to better, brighter, shinning  and a truly democratic INDIA..

 Here a poem by Amitabh Bachchan, a tribute of the brave-heart to whom the country will be indebted forever, a girl who didn't ask for us to be courageous but just a girl who went for a movie, boarded a bus and .. ..victimized ..

p.s: The world didn't end, but 2012 left loads on memories for indians to remember forever.
       Where the anna's  India against corruption movement awakened India's political conscience
       and the pain of the 23-year-old, our social conscience.       
p.s:  this link directs you to an insightful article on the incident.               

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seed of time

Years pass by..and you assume 
it turned into a growing tree..
Years pass by..and you assume 
the wind of time had it slee..
Years pass by.. you never look back..
and the abandoned seed still lies there
wondering what its fate will be. 

p.s: had also thought of adding a last line .. 'for time is just a theory of relativity' :D:D would have spoiled the mood kya?? :P

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Recurrent Dreams..

The eyes open to the morning glow,
only to know it was just a dream..
The whole day passes by,
with bursts of thought..
Oh! it remained a dream...
With no memories to recall of distant love..
I live with thoughts and thoughts repose..
Telling myself it is nothing so real..
and I know I will let it go.
Then off to bed,  I slip into the quilt, 
close my eyes..and live in a dream.

p.s: this is i guess, my first so-called 'poetic' poem. I am so  proud of this one :P

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ajmal Kasab Hanged. Period.

Oct 10, 2011: Kasab tells SC that he was brainwashed like a "robot" into committing the heinous crime in the name of "God" and that he does not deserve capital punishment owing to his young age.

Nov 21,2012: Kasab hanged in Yerawada Jail in Pune.

 But for all the merciless killings that happened during the mumbai attacks, and all the brave hearts who fought courageously to death to save innocent men, I still felt sorry for Kasab today. As I kept listening to my sister, giving me a detailed summary of the event, my heart kept softening for Kasab. May be any human heart would, for that matter. Kasab's hanging may be a completely justified political decision, but deep down, wasn't he prey to the surroundings he was brought up in? What would he have known about the world when he was brought to those terrorist training camps? An innocent child, he would have been. The highly impressionable mind of this child was then polished to serve selfish destructive ambitions. Thousands of such kasabs are brought to such camps everyday. Some fall prey and some rise to power of similar destructive missions.
Kasab as only 21 when he was arrested. When asked about his last wish he asked officials to inform his mother.

 Kasab wasn't the real culprit. He was just a tool. A tool to be used and thrown. 

The  real cause, the true devils are sitting high above all power in various forms.. laughing their teeth out at every destruction..

 A week before I watched DaVinciCode.. which also talked about merciless killings in the name of GOD. We humans fall prey to such abstract ideas so easily. It is always easier for us to believe in GOD than to believe our neighbour. We talk about liberation in different forms.  Wouldn't it be true liberation, to live the life bestowed upon us (by anyone or just no one) in peace and serenity. 

Isn't humanity above all religion, science and politics!!  

Friday, November 2, 2012

Each Day !

I aim not to be a wealthy or a successful individual.
I aim to evolve in body, mind, soul each day.
I aim not to be an epitome of humanity. I aim to be humanly each day.
I aim not to be kind. I aim to have helped someone each day.
I aim not to be rich. I aim to be enriched each day.
I aim not to be learned. I aim to learn each day.
I aim not to be great. I aim to be good enough each day.
I aim to bring out the best of myself and let not my birth be a waste.
and I wish that each day, when I go to sleep..
I smile to myself and say, "this day was well lived."

Happy living !! :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

In 21 days and 20 secs.

 I was going through "Who will cry when you die" by Robin Sharma last semester. It is usually such books that I prefer to read, where you need not follow any linear sequence, you can drop into any page whenever you feel like, even twice, feeling all motivated. There I found this article which talked about, how cultivating a habit is just about 21 days of conscious effort. You set a goal in your mind, put in a determined effort for 21 days and the very next day, it becomes you .. that habit now defines you.. In the past 6 months or so I have experimented on myself, in various ways.. overcoming so many negative traits. I have become so patient, more understanding, less-hyper and more effective.. got control over my temper and developed a right balance of emotional connection and detachment, all that I aimed to be. From cultivating patience to overcoming procrastination .. the 21 days theory has worked wonders, making me self-dependent in true sense. If such changes can be brought in 21 days.. I bet you can cultivate any good habit (and get rid of bad ones) just anyone .. be it exercising daily, overcoming procrastination, reading books, sleeping on time, waking up early or doing one good deed everyday, at any age.

  20 seconds speaks of courage to start off. To quote Benjamin Mee, "Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it." The theory says that the time lapse between deciding what is to be done and actually doing it, is only 20 seconds. All it takes is only 20 seconds of courage and determination to actually do it. Applying the 21 days theory will need 20 seconds of courage each day.. to do what you had decided, and what will emerge out of you is a person you always wanted to be.

In my post 'So though yet so special' .. I mentioned that I have learnt a lot of brilliant lessons and implemented them too and but that I am looking "forward to the coming year as a process of embedding it so deep into my soul that it just becomes my natural self".. I am so proud to proclaim myself ..that its mid-October 2012 and I am done with it, embedded them so deep into my soul and they have become my natural self. :):) 

 In 21 days and 20 seconds you can change your world!

p.s: It will also take only 21 days to loose a habit once you stop, but don't loose hope.. get doing for 21 days again.. it will be a lot more easier and effective this time :) 
p.s: There are still a few things to be worked upon (and something or the other will always remain, after-all there is always a scope for improvement :) )
p.s: Worked enough on my character, now I need to work upon my brain and soul.
p.s: Got placed at Sapient Global Markets. It is an awesome feeling. I wish I don't have to join it :P
p.s: Will listen to 'the secret' by Kelly Howell now. :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fallen for the rain ..

Bathing in rain can be one of the most eventful and happy moments of your life. To me, when it rains, the sight of open sky, the touch of fresh air and the smell of soil feels like heaven... :). This hostel is a blessing, where all these awesomeness reach right to my chair, making my rather dreaded single room stay a beautiful experience.

Since mid july, rain has become a routine of the day. It does rain atleast once a day or may be upto thrice. But there was something different about it today. It was heavy. Heavy not as in volume per time unit but as in volume per space unit. It was voluminous. As if the gods are pouring in buckets of water and summoning us to get drenched. I was leaning on the balcony wall, staring at the rain and blurting out words of admiration at intervals. The more I observed the falling drops, the more I was trapped into its mystery. An inner voice was asking me to feel it. Unable to control my urge to taste the rain, I jumped onto the terrace on my floor. Aaah!! why did I have to even give this a second thought. Its amazing. Rains have never felt the same. The smell of air was fresher than ever. Every drop so pure, pure enough to wash all my fears away. As the rains lowered its intensity, I forced myself out of that blissful experience, feeling all fresh, happy, rejuvenated and pure. Of all innumerable times I have got myself drenched in the rain, with or without companions, today's was the best of all. Thank Youuuuuuu GOD !! :)

Have you ever tried it?
If, not .. please do it.. it will be one of the best decisions you ever took.
And if you are scared of falling ill, here are some precautions to help you out.

How to bathe in rain and not fall sick?
1) Go for it when you aren't suffering from any illness and are at the best of your health.
Exception: Do go for it if you have some minor skin disease, rain water is great for skin.
2) Jump into the rain only when its raining heavily, so that you get wet quickly and aren't like wet-n-dry sort. If you are not completely drenched, the cool wind which accompanies the rain will act on your wet-n-dry body and you will surely fall sick.
3) As soon as the intensity of the rain lowers down, come out of it. Believe that its over and you had all the fun. Don't get tempted to stay there longer. You might try praying hard that it rains hard again, but if it is not working out, get over it. Staying longer will but spoil all the fun you had. And again cause you are wet, and its not raining enough, the winds will harm you.
4) After getting out, don't stay that way for long. Immediately take a shower and put on dry clothes.
5) Never bathe in first rain of the season, especially if you live in a polluted city. This is because the first rain is the first to react with the acidic gases in the air and thus the rain can be acidic in nature.

Happy Rains :)

p.s: confession :I really get fascinated by the rain so much so that I feel an adrenaline rush all over. I am not sure how many around feel that way.
p.s: the taste of rain drops is still lingering :D. 
p.s: this is my first how-to or rather how-not-to post :D
p.s: listening to lambi judai by reshma the fifth time today :D

Friday, June 22, 2012

the mystery of leap year

This article has been copy pasted from yahoo answers:

Whether a year will be a leap year or not, is not just an answer but has a lot more story to tell

As the earth travels in its orbit completely around the sun once each year it is also revolving approximately 365 times. But, as we reach that spot in the universe where the clock strikes mid-night on December 31, we are not quite as far along in the orbit as we should be.Scientists have discovered that every four years or so we actually end up being about one day short of where we should be on our orbital path. Naturally, the best solution to get us caught up is to add an extra day to every fourth year. That's exactly what we do, and we add it to our shortest month, February. The years in which we add the extra day are known as Leap years. Normally February has 28 days, but on a leap year February has 29 days.If you wish to calculate when a leap year will occur you are fairly sure to get it right if the year is divisible by four. (1904, 1908, etc.)There's only one problem with this: We still don't end up exactly at the same spot in our orbit around the sun after a while because this method over-compensates for the error. To correct for this problem scientists have calculated that we need to "skip" a leap year every once-in-a-while. Every once-in-a-while is about every 100 years. So, at the turn of the century we normally skip a leap year to compensate. But, that tends to over-compensate, so, once every 400 years we DO NOT skip a leap year.If a centenial year is not divisible by four, there will be NO leap year that year. For instance, 1200 was a leap year, 1600 was a leap year, 1900 was NOT a leap year . . .The 400-year correction turns out to be another over-correction by just a few seconds. Therefore, whenever a millenium begins with an odd number (1000, 3000) scientists leave out an extra day and DO NOT make it a leap year.But don't worry about it, as neither you nor I will be around in a century, or 400 years, much less the year 3,000 !

Rule 1 : Every year which is divisble by 4 and not by 100 is leap year.
Rule 2 : Everyyear which is divisble by 100 and by 400 is a leap year in other words years divisible by 100 would be leap years only if they were divisible by 400 as well.
and hence year 1700 ,1800 ,1900 were not leap years so will be with 3000, but year 2000 is leap year.

Happy leaping !!

p.s: now this a tr8 to all those young programmers who are writing the leap year program and are confused with why the algorithm is so. :)

Beauty is first how it is shown and then how it is seen!!

There was a time when I loved physics to an extent that I proudly claimed I would marry physics for the rest of my life. I am more of a philosophical individual than technical, and I love the way science connects to the world socially, spiritually and most importantly how it makes an honest attempt to understand it. But lately I have been loosing interest in science, not as a whole, but as a career. No matter how much you love something, staying happy is most important.. and if something you love isn't making you happy, its better to switch. I blame my perpetual loss of interest solely on the way it is being taught to us. Mugging up equations isn't life. Learning all register formats of a microprocessor doesn't motivate me to use it. Knowing how it can be used to create wonders does motivate me to mug up all register formats. Unfortunately the past three years of my so called engineering has only contributed to wastage of my capabilities.
But my heart says.. something which has made your life so beautiful and interesting cannot be boring.

I came across an article on 'how electronics should be taught and perceived' discussing major problems that lies in the teaching system:

happy learning !!

Monday, June 4, 2012

scriptophobia ?? are you kidding??

So its 4th of June 2012, I am working on a post, exactly after 5 months 3days and 20 hours and 10 minutes  determined to publish it and not dump it again into the drafts like most of my other posts. I have done this very often out of the fear of writing (Scriptophobia, they call it, lol :D). It was back in class four when I first skipped by winter vacation work of writing an essay on "winter holidays". Gossh !! an essay? I just can't do that.. this is so boring..  and what will I write ?? all I love about winters is staying under the quilt and never coming out.. how can I fill pages on this? My teacher made me kneel down for two hours in the assembly hall after making several attempts of making me write that essay and trust me, this was easier than writing a whole essay :P Formal letters were just so easy to attempt in exams, you know? short and sweet! I dozed off in most of my exams after completing the whole paper but the essay :D resulting in a bad score in all my English exams :D Writing had always been headache and even an article seems to me like writing a whole library and that fear of not being good enough always lingers, even today, it sometimes does! Am I that bad at expression? certainly not! at least after the feedback I have received from my friends who loved reading a few of my articles :) . You know what? Writing is amazing. Its like an organised art.. it helps to organize your thoughts and eventually your actions. It helps you cultivate patience and develops you as a person. When you are over with one write up, it feels amazing, you know why? Because you feel like a CREATOR. :) :) To all those who are willing to write but feel something is holding them back  just "start writing and stop thinking." One myth about writing is that you need to have all thoughts and ideas in place before you start with it. It is just not so. You will be surprised to experience how ideas flow eventually to your fingertips once you start writing. A little bit of editing and then a little more and you will see how to come up with a so much better piece of it than you ever imagined.

Happy Writing !

p.s:first post from iitb, so unrelated to the place. :D
p.s: i have tons of stuffs to share, making it difficult to choose which one to share first :D
p.s: song i am listening to - lol i ain't listening to any now (pachhhkaaa !!!):P
p.s: thanks giving:
anurag for getting me started with this blog
and raumali, chandu, dilip, shanky bhaiya, pavan and all others for liking it and making me believe I can. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

So tough, yet so special !

The year which started with a heart-vs-brain chaos ended with the brilliance of lessons learnt and implemented, and I look forward to the coming year as a process of embedding it so deep into my soul that it just becomes my natural self. Six months of trauma and six months of recovery, rebirth is just the word, I can sum up this year into. Truly a rebirth, where I went on from being a i-could-never-understand-worldly-ways to world-is-how-you-see-it girl, a step rise from नैतिकता का पथ to धार्मिकता का पथ |

  • The world is indeed so beautiful, if you respect and love whats near you ; "जो पास है, वही ख़ास है ". 
  • Reaching out for something, you don't believe you deserve is both sided unfair. Its not the existence of       goals you don't deserve that keeps you away from it, but the absence of faith that you deserve it. Believing you deserve it, helps you put in your best and the rest is always in God's court :)
  • Being patient, isn't lack of enthusiasm; its to keep going when the going is hard and slow. 
  • Keep yourself in resonance with the conscience God has gifted you, it might mean sacrificing momentary pleasures but it will also mean achievement of purpose of your life. 
  • Steve jobs said "We are here to put a dent in the universe, otherwise why even be here?" and I add "don't worry about how big your dent will be or should be, give your best, enjoy every moment of it and be happy that you did your part well, it will give you divine satisfaction and happiness."

With no regrets, and loads of love to all who made this year so special; knowingly or unknowingly, willing or unwillingly :) I bid 2011 a goodbye :) Hugs and kisses 2011 :)

And with all the warmth, a hearty welcome to 2012, which to is be the "monika-ko-sudharo aandolan II" :P. I wish the world comes out safe and secure next year, for extended adventures of life. love <3


p.s: the song being played on the streets right now - Jaanlewa teri adaa,kaise no ho koi fida,tera aang sharara jaise mare lishkara soniyeee .. i feel lyk dancing now :):)
p.s: will be back to college tomorrow, struck by mixed feelings.. had an awesome stay at home. love you papa-mummy. love you more than ever before :)