Monday, August 13, 2012

Fallen for the rain ..

Bathing in rain can be one of the most eventful and happy moments of your life. To me, when it rains, the sight of open sky, the touch of fresh air and the smell of soil feels like heaven... :). This hostel is a blessing, where all these awesomeness reach right to my chair, making my rather dreaded single room stay a beautiful experience.

Since mid july, rain has become a routine of the day. It does rain atleast once a day or may be upto thrice. But there was something different about it today. It was heavy. Heavy not as in volume per time unit but as in volume per space unit. It was voluminous. As if the gods are pouring in buckets of water and summoning us to get drenched. I was leaning on the balcony wall, staring at the rain and blurting out words of admiration at intervals. The more I observed the falling drops, the more I was trapped into its mystery. An inner voice was asking me to feel it. Unable to control my urge to taste the rain, I jumped onto the terrace on my floor. Aaah!! why did I have to even give this a second thought. Its amazing. Rains have never felt the same. The smell of air was fresher than ever. Every drop so pure, pure enough to wash all my fears away. As the rains lowered its intensity, I forced myself out of that blissful experience, feeling all fresh, happy, rejuvenated and pure. Of all innumerable times I have got myself drenched in the rain, with or without companions, today's was the best of all. Thank Youuuuuuu GOD !! :)

Have you ever tried it?
If, not .. please do it.. it will be one of the best decisions you ever took.
And if you are scared of falling ill, here are some precautions to help you out.

How to bathe in rain and not fall sick?
1) Go for it when you aren't suffering from any illness and are at the best of your health.
Exception: Do go for it if you have some minor skin disease, rain water is great for skin.
2) Jump into the rain only when its raining heavily, so that you get wet quickly and aren't like wet-n-dry sort. If you are not completely drenched, the cool wind which accompanies the rain will act on your wet-n-dry body and you will surely fall sick.
3) As soon as the intensity of the rain lowers down, come out of it. Believe that its over and you had all the fun. Don't get tempted to stay there longer. You might try praying hard that it rains hard again, but if it is not working out, get over it. Staying longer will but spoil all the fun you had. And again cause you are wet, and its not raining enough, the winds will harm you.
4) After getting out, don't stay that way for long. Immediately take a shower and put on dry clothes.
5) Never bathe in first rain of the season, especially if you live in a polluted city. This is because the first rain is the first to react with the acidic gases in the air and thus the rain can be acidic in nature.

Happy Rains :)

p.s: confession :I really get fascinated by the rain so much so that I feel an adrenaline rush all over. I am not sure how many around feel that way.
p.s: the taste of rain drops is still lingering :D. 
p.s: this is my first how-to or rather how-not-to post :D
p.s: listening to lambi judai by reshma the fifth time today :D

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