Thursday, September 22, 2011

The dee dee tee of something

Electric Field and Magnetic Field, the parents of Light .. gave this lovely child whose swiftness, the speed of 3x10^8 meters per second amazed us with its extent of absoluteness. Time travel comes as so much of an impossibility, but the weirdest of inventions by man has instilled the firm belief  that 'everything is possible', and here we are in an era eagerly waiting for the most awaited invention, the time machine, to become a reality.

And today a thought struck that d/dt of something silently whispers to us, 'hey believe me, its possible, just look a little deeper'. Did any one of us hear it? 
The change in electric field with respect to time generates a magnetic flux meaning the magnetic field now in dependent on whether the electric field will change or not, implying its dependency on the value of electric field just after the present moment. This means the magnetic field, which we know now is the effect of some future value, something which has not yet occurred implying knowing that the present value of magnetic field lets us predict future, and changing its value can aid has change the future. Did you notice something?? Its kind of logically proved that fortune telling is completely scientific and that we control our future. Both contradictory notions comes true by a single logical equation.

p.s: this post is under construction .. 
p.s: this post is based on the assumption that in dE/dt, E= E(t+dt)-E(t).. cause it might also be that 
E=E(t-dt)-E(t). If the latter is only valid then the above theory doesn't hold
p.s: listening to 'aeloji sanam hum aagaye' from andaz apna apna
p.s: i love aamir ;)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love like you’ve never been hurt :):)

प्यार करने वालो की बेचैनी ... by Neha Singh

तू नहीं तो मेरा दिल उदास , 
मुझे तो हर घडी है बस तेरी आस ;
चाहूँ तुझे हर पल अपने साथ  |
ऐ मेरी अधूरी प्यास ..
अब है गुजारिश तुझसे ,
रह जा तू दिल के आस पास..
हर पल हर साँस |

बेचैनियो का हल ... by Monika Agarwal 

क्यों अपनी उदासी की वजह बताये तू उसे ,
जी ले खुद में, ज़िन्दगी हसीन है ;
आंसु भी आये आँखों मैं तो सिर्फ खुसी के ;
कि ख्वाबो में भी उसे तेरी खिलखिलाहट सुनाइए दे |
न बन तू प्यासा उसकी जुदाई में ,
बन जा तू बहती नदी ..
कि खो जाये वो तेरी हर अंगड़ाई में |

p.s : people often say, where there is love, there is life... but i believe its also much the other way round.. and that where there is life, there is love.

Friday, August 12, 2011

umbrella love

I had decided to reduce my frequent visits to the library and now it has been more than a week since I have been there. An idea to spend a few peaceful hours with myself, struck me this friday, and so at six in the evening, I headed towards the library with chandu.
As I lifted up the pen to enter my name into the visitors list, I browsed my eyes through the register to check if it had his name enlisted. There were two entries of the same name, and I knew none of them was his. So he wasn’t there inside, I concluded. By this time i was well versed with his handwriting. It would be just the first letter, then something and a ‘j’, as if italicized. I sat in the reading room, exactly where I saw him last with her ( I had no intention to do so, but realised it a little later). As usual, i spent my time using internet, searching and reading random stuffs on human behaviour. As i was going through wiki’s definition of ‘patience’, something i have always lacked big time, largely a reason of my immaturity, the lights went off. I looked around, and it was all dark. all i could see were squares of brightness from laptops yet there was no luminance . And I thought, ‘information can provide you light but only wisdom can enlighten you’. I looked on my lappy again, back to reading downloaded stuffs. Soon after, me and chandu decided to head back to the hostel.
Back in hostel, I could feel the gloominess growing inside. Not again I said, thinking about the semester long gloominess I overcame with great effort. I decided to give its rise a stop by watching a movie. As I looked for my pendrive, i just could not find it anywhere. It was inside my bag, clear in my memory. Still, I searched for it everywhere and also asked some people about it. I might have left it in the library. It was 8:46 pm and I decided to run back to the library. Out of the hostel gate, I started walking faster on the wet road, just when I crossed the popular PMC mod near my department, to see something ..
 Close together they stood under one umbrella. She was shuffling stuffs from a packet he held open. I never thought this would happen so soon. Shocked yet composed, I walked past them. Shimmering rain of august, romantic moment for them indeed. He had come to drop her. And it all happened with her. I wish I could be more courageous, more open, more matured, more patient, more secretive, more sophisticated, less confused and more of a coder.
As i headed along the path, I turned my head a few degrees to get a hint if he was coming behind. I started running towards the library to vanish from his sight soon (or may be to come to his notice) in that half-lit darkness. I reached the library with the silhouette of them together stuck to my retina. I searched for my pendrive here and there and everywhere in the reading room but i couldn’t find it anywhere. After asking the librarian to keep it safe in case he found it, I walked out of the library. It had started raining harder, as if to weep for me. I ran again, this time to save myself from the rain, stopped at the department for a second and then ran till I reached back the hostel, more concerned about that sight than about the drive. Browsing my hand in my bag, I was wondering about the greater loss I suffered today when my fingers felt the metallic cooling sensation. I held it tight and lifted it up. Here it was, my pendrive !
Was it God’s plan to show me reasons to move on !?

p.s: yups! she is the same i-think-so-girlfriend with the think-so now volatized. :( 
p.s: guys this is not as serious as it seems :D. Of course I can move on :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

what i cooked and how it looked !

8th july 2011: dinner
Paneer Butter Masala and Lachha Paratha
cuisine: north indian

9th july 2011: snacks
cuisine: chinese

10th july 2011: breakfast
Semolina Upma (sooji ka upma)
cuisine: south indian

12th october 2011: dinner
cuisine: Nepali/Tibetan

Happy Cooking !! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

what came first ??

It is not much into the past years, when I saw my physics and maths teacher fighting over the superiority of their subjects. What came first. Maths or Physics?? I was always an ardent supporter of physics and 'the mathematics in the physics' had always bugged me for want of its validity. At heart I wanted my physics teacher to win, and closely followed their discussion. The question lingered even after a long, reasonable yet funny debate.
My sheer love for physics brought out an explanation for this out of my mind:
Physics' has a close relation to the real world and beautifully, with its laws, always explains the nature. Mathematics seems however abstract, not able to even explain itself, let alone the laws of nature. Infinity is and will always remain undefined, and complex numbers will never exist. What is mathematics without physics? cause all it does is work and toil for physics. Mathematics is of no use, without physics. But somewhere this was a biased explanation. We cannot ignore its existence everywhere, and how it is an integral part of the universe itself.
At I came across an interesting explanation for the same. It says:
In physics we use mathematics as a tool to understand Nature. In mathematics, the pure notions of numbers and other structures do not need physics to exist or explain or even justify them. But the surprising thing is that often some newly discovered abstract formulation in mathematics turns out, years later, to describe physical phenomena which we hadn't known about earlier. When, as a student of physics, you see this for the first time, it is truly overwhelming. The only conclusion I can bring myself to is that mathematics is not just a tool of physics; it must be much, much more. Since mathematics is a product of our imagination, then somehow the structure of the universe itself seems to be imprinted on the human mind. And if that is the case, the relationship between mathematics and physics does indeed boil down to the chicken-and-the-egg question.
Interesting na??!
To get a real good further insight on it, touching other aspects like how can mathematics be arrived from physics alone, but not physics from mathematics alone, etc. follow the link:
Mathematics is indeed more beautiful,Yet my love will remain the same for physics :)
Happy enlightenment !! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

doodle guitar player download

Google came up with that surprise doodle on les paul's birthday, yesterday. A digital guitar right on your broswer. wow!! i spent hours playing on it, and even learned the 'happy birthday song', to play on it. And the next day when i sat surfing,.. aaahh !!it wasn't there anymore :(. I wish i had that on my pc forever. And then the search began. and guess what! there were many a methods to do that. Thanks to the computer geeks allround heres the one which successfully worked for me.

step1.  download the .zip file from here download (source:

step2. open the index.html file. and you have it here. :). 
can u hear the strumming?? i guess not, cause sounds only work on localhost or server due to flash security. To unblock this, follow step3.

step3. go to
This page will load your local configurations for shockwave player.

select 'always allow' --> In edit locations tab, add location -->
in trust this location tab type "guitar11.swf" and confirm.
open index.html again, and check out.
you can play n listen, YeS!! :)
Happy strumming !!

p.s:  according and in :, google will soon make the guitar available for download. keep checking this site.
p.s: you ought to thank me ;)
p.s: do comment, if it helped or if it didn't and if you have some easier or interesting method. :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

what Friendship really is ?

Friendship is one of those areas, full of hidden assumptions and unspoken rules. We only discover that our friendship does not mean what we think it does, when those assumptions clash. There is no agreement about what friendship involves, or what to do if it goes sour. When things go wrong, we very rarely challenge our friends. That`s because friendship is often a delicate affair and we do not want to tax it with too many demands. It is more common to absorb the hurt and the retreat, since friendship is a relationship without any contract where the terms are unwritten, and nobody ever makes them explicit.
Whenever we ask people about friendship we can realize that they hold a wide range of views, often accompanied by an absolute conviction that they are expressing an obvious truth. Some think it demands total loyalty, while the others say it carries no obligations at all. Some say long friendships have transformed their life and been more important than their marriage, whereas some think that the great thing about friends is that you can always drop the old ones, because there are new ones around every corner. What is intriguing about those attitudes is that they are not obvious from the way people lead their lives.
Recent research concluded that at any time we have around 30 friends, six of whom we think of as close. Over a lifetime we will make almost 400 friends, but we will keep in touch with fewer than 10% of them. Almost 60% of us claim that our friendships are more important to us than career, money or family. Other studies show that men have, on average, one fewer close friends than women do, that middle-class men have more friends than working-class men, and that both men and women find their friendships with women more emotionally satisfying than those with men. Those findings are fascinating, but they mask huge variations. When I asked people how many close friends they had, the answers ranged from none to almost 100.
Often, we don`t know where we fit into friends` lives. We may like them enormously, but not know whether they`d like us to get any closer. Are we in the first dozen, or the remotest 90 in their circle? If they ask us to dinner once a year, is that an honour because they only entertain twice, or a sign of our unimportance, because they hold dinners every week?
This degree of uncertainty exists partly because many of us now lead lives in which we are the only connecting threads. It is perfectly possible for much of our lives to be opaque to anyone who knows us. They may only ever encounter one particular facet of our existence, because we can, if we choose, keep parents, past acquaintances, old partners, colleagues, friends, and neighbours in totally separate boxes. Many people value the anonymity and freedom that gives them. The flip side is that just as we are not known, so we cannot really know others.
Many of us are childish in our expectations of friendship. Even though we may only present our most sparkling, desirable selves to our friends, and even though there may be nothing more to the relationship we still nurture the illusion that our friends are very attached to us, the vulnerable or dull or anxious one they may never have seen. Which is why we are so astonished when friends melt away at a time of trouble. However friendships may have been different in the past. People are so busy they don`t really have time for it now.
It is noticeable that the people who are least disappointed with their friendships are either those who have never tested them or those with the clearest understanding of what they are about. Sometimes that`s because the friendships are rooted in the realities of their lives. Others who are contented with their friendship are those who expect nothing more of friends than that they share pleasurable activities.
Perhaps we need to think a little harder, and be rather more perceptive, about what sustains our relationships. We could start by being more honest with ourselves about what we like about our friends, what needs they fulfil, and what we would be prepared to do for them. We may feel truly generous to some of our friends, and resentful of others. Some we love, some flatter us, we tolerate some and we also despise some.This would help us to be more realistic about which friends we might expect to see by our hospital beds, and which ones we think we would visit. It doesn`t mean we can`t value the ones who won`t be there. Often we can be drawn to others for exactly the characteristics that would make them unlikely to be helpful in a crisis.
It is sometimes seen that people with consuming jobs are sad that they have not had the time to build stronger bonds, and wonder whether it is too late to develop them. Many people would like to have more friends, or deeper, warmer, more reliable relationships than the ones they have now, but don`t know how to go about it. Men have been thought of as less in need of intimate friendship. But that thought is changing now, since more men are becoming closely involved with their children, so there is a similar desire for the ease of close friendship.
There are powerful reasons why we should create these bonds, even if we only start when we are older. The phenomenon of later births means families take up a smaller percentage of our lives. We wait years to have children, and we could be 70 before we become grandparents for the first time. We have more time available, and fewer familial responsibilities, than the generations before us. We all want to feel needed and valued by others. It is possible for friends to fill that need, but only if we work at it.
Evidence shows that people with close friends live longer and are happier than those without. And friendship defines what it means to be human.

p.s: source:
p.s: the best article to ever come across, with no gaga over demands and duties of friendship
p.s: now i can rest in peace ;)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

writing a C/C++ program in ubuntu

Gosh!! this took me a hell lot of searches. Nowhere I could find the proper way to do it. Not even the linux gcc tutorial explained it satisfactorily. After days of searches, I luckily landed on the physics forum where a guy ('' neilay from India \n") had answered beautifully. In case you are very new to linux, this might help you.

Make sure you have the necessary gcc files installed.
To install required packages for c and c++ compilers
in the terminal window, type: sudo apt-get install build-essential

To Program in Ubuntu, follow the following steps:
1. Click on Places on menu bar > go to Home Folder.
2. A new window appears.
3. Here rightclick on your mouse button > Create Document > click on Empty File.
4. Select the file > press F2 > rename it as monika.c
5. Double click on monika.c
(steps 1 to 5 is equivalent to writing: gedit monika.c in the terminal window)
6. There you type the simplest 

C Code:
int main()
printf("my first c program \n");
return 0;

the C++ code:
using namespace std;

int main()
cout<<("my first c++ program \n");
return 0;

7. Save and minimize everything.
8. Click on Applications on the menu bar > Accessories > click on Terminal.
9. A new window appears and since my username is “monika”, monika@ubuntu: ~ appears on its title bar as default – this will be different in your case.
10. To compile a C code: type: gcc monika.c and press the Enter key.

      To compile a C++ code: type: g++ monika.c and press the Enter key.
11. Wait and if your code is correct no error will be found and simply monika@ubuntu: ~ $ will be
appeared and indicates you can execute this compiled file.
12. Now type: ./a.out and press the Enter key and see how nicely your file is executed!
13. This procedure must work with both Ubuntu and Fedora. If it is not working, then definitely
your OS has got problem with it.

14. That's all about Ubuntu C Programming.

Happy programming!

Friday, May 27, 2011

wallpaper clock on ubuntu :)

I have finally installed ubuntu10.10 on my laptop, after a number of trials and errors, bugging some of my fellow batch-mates big time. Somehow, i did it on my own. And thank god !! my hard disk did not crash.
It seems to be quite a compulsion that every Linux user blogs about using and having fun with it. So in the prospective of becoming a faithful Linux user, here i go, blogging about my first experience.
I came across this interesting thing while looking for some nice wallpapers for my desktop. A wallpaper clock, have a look at some of them...

nice na !! real time clocks beautifully integrated on your wall. Below are the steps to get one for your Ubuntu desktop.

1. First you need to install screenlets. The command is ' sudo apt-get install '. I installed it by going ubuntu software center in the applications drop-down-list.

2. Download wallpaper clock of your choice from vladstudio. The downloaded file will have a .wcz extension.
3. After the installation is complete, go to Application > Accessories > Screenlets

4. There is a wallpaper clock widget in the list of widgets. select and click on Launch/Add on the top left corner just below the search bar.

5. The widget appears on the desktop. right click on the widget. click on 'install wallpaper clock'. Browse from for the .wcz extension file you downloaded. the wallpaper is installed.

6. To apply on the desktop, right click on the widget again. select change wallpaper clock >my wallpapers> "the downloaded wallpaper"

Have fun !!

Friday, April 8, 2011

singing lives.. voices unheard..

12th March, 2011
Today I happened to meet two little girls on my way back home, early morning. They were moving around in the local train, singing to a tune that carried a small lesson that life teaches. The little girls hardly seemed to understand its meaning, yet they sang it in a way which could strike the chords of millions of hearts. The younger girl had a distinguishingly sweet voice and the elder one added beats to it with the two clinking stones she carried. I couldn’t stop myself from recording it. I asked them to sing it again for me. The girls shied away. I gathered courage and asked again. “Phir se gaaugi toh bahut paisa dungi! gaaoo na..”, the younger one smiled and tried to hide within herself while the elder one started asking her to sing. She was serious. May be tempting them to sing for money freshened up the injury she has been living with. She was matured at that underage of ten, and had learnt to live with that life. The innocent and the sparkling smile of the younger one showed how she was still unaware of what the elder one could perceive. Lucky she!!
And she sangJ. So sweet was her voice, so innocent was her smile and so true was the message. They sang the whole song for me. Yipeee!! . I wished to see the same smile on both of them. And the photo-session helped a lot J. Crap !! i forgot to ask their names .. L
Here’s the song: “haan suno champaa, haan suno taara; na koi jeeta na koi haara” and i have uploaded the whole of it, you can listen to a small part of it.

p.s: realised mp3 files cannot be uploaded on blogspot. Had to convert it into mp4. L . This has detoriated the sound quality. I swear they were much sweeter than this. thanks divshare :)
p.s: i love to travel by train. :)
p.s: this is my favourite post till date. I feel like a writer :P :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

butterflies in your stomach?? Oh you have a crush !!

Crushes are sort of easy entry-ways into the world of strong emotions and relationships, without having much of the scary risk involved in really dating someone. People have crushes on their teachers, on actors, on band members, on scout leaders or pastors. Sometimes people have crushes on fellow students, but usually it's on a student that is several grades older.
Sometimes, feelings for a crush can be confusing because they're new to you and you aren't sure how to act. You could have mixed feelings. When you see your crush, a part of you might feel embarrassed and you might want to run away and hide. Another part of you might imagine your crush noticing you and sharing the same feelings. Some of you might just want to be friends with your crush.

  • You love them yet you don't even know them.
  • All you can think about is them and what if...
  • You've planned your whole future.
  • You lose the power of speech and co-ordination in their presence.
  • Butterflies in your stomach.
  • Pounding heart.
  • You stammer/stutter something like "have you got the time?" at them.
  • You imagine hours of conversations with them.

    • Don't talk about your crush around other people besides your best friend(s), one that you know will not tell anybody!   (WISH I READ THIS BEFORE..)
    • Never mess up on purpose; he will just start to think that you are really stupid!
    • RELAX. If you trip or do something else embarrassing, just laugh it off. He won't care too badly, and if he laughs AT you instead of WITH you, don't like him.
  • HOW NOT TO ACT STUPID ?? ( you will always tend to act so..)
  • Don't panic if you make a mistake or do something a little weird; just be yourself, and if he likes you for yourself than that's better than you having to turn into something you're not!
    NEVER, under ANY circumstances, think that you are stupid or that you are an idiot or anything like that!
    Make fun of whatever you did before somebody else does. Then the person can't make fun of you! However, don't overuse, as you might come off as self-conscious and unsure about yourself.
    Step back. Instead of word-vomiting, try to calm down and start asking Him questions. Then the risk of embarrassing yourself decreases.
It's hard to find out that the person you like doesn't feel the same way about you. You might feel sad, disappointed, and rejected. That sad feeling is called heartbreak, even though your heart isn't really breaking into pieces. If you feel 
heartbreak, those feelings can last for a while, but they will fade.
Another word about heartbreak: Try to be kind if you're on the other end of a crush — when someone likes you. It's a compliment when someone thinks you're special. If you don't feel the same way, try to and do tell him or her in a nice way.

  • Try not to tie yourself up in knots about this - you've set yourself up with a fantasy relationship, but that is all. The emotions feeding this fantasy can seem very real, but the advantage is you don't have to deal with the actual person. 
  • On the practical side, try to fill the time you would otherwise spend thinking about your crush. Plan your day. Promise yourself some crush-free time, and set up a reward afterwards. Once you've defined the boundaries, a crush like this can be a positive experience. One that can set you up to deal with the emotional side of future, more realistic relationships.
If you're involved in a crush - enjoy it! We have ALL had crushes over the years and they're something you look back on with great fondness. Look at what makes your crush special. Those qualities that you admire in your crush are qualities that are very special to you, and it's very important to learn what those are. It helps you when you look for a real boyfriend or girlfriend to date, to know what you are drawn to

Maybe the thing to avoid isn’t the crush itself, it’s letting the crush control you.  If you find yourself becoming too infatuated with someone, take a step back, take a deep breath, and see if you really can list the reasons why you like someone.  If your answers don’t go beyond “he/she’s just so attractive,” then you might want to come to your senses.

Crushes are new and exciting, so enjoy them while they last. Someday, you'll be telling your own kids about your first crush!

p.s : for me it never goes beyond it.
p.s : source: all possible related sites.
p.s : this shows i can research on just 'nething.'
p.s : i prefer having unobtainable crushes, dating neone is so scary :P
p.s : in the memory of my latest crush, who now has a i-think-so girlfriend :).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

love is
when you go insane
and he goes insane for you,
love is 
when you call him once 
and he keeps calling you,
love is 
when he is ready to forgive
before you ask for it,
love is 
when you don't believe
and he believes in you,
love is 
when you hide yourself
and he keeps looking for you,
love is 
when you aren't sure
and he gives all the faith to you
love is
when these feelings are true
love is
when its both him and you.

p.s : let me clear again:
      i am not in love :P :)
p.s : dedicated to the two cutest
      cutest pairs malvika-shakti
p.s : got phy labtest tomorrow,someone enlightened me about this fact just now. thanx to fbchat.i need to study it now :)byee. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

keys.. :)

Gave you the keys to my heart..
You were the king in the cards..,
The keys are lost in your treasure heap,
While I'm waiting for you to open IT..;
Will the wait go on till eternity..??

courtesy: my wandering mind in boring digital class :P ;) 

p.s : let me clear : i am not in love :P :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Actions speak LOUDER than words. They say, don’t SHOUT!!

‘How badly they want that change’ is what people talk behind but when it comes to making a change they say “Jhmele main kaun padega!!” Why the f*** were you talking all that crap all this time??timepass?? Or do you want a Socrates to be born every time for you and do something, then you silently see him drinking the poison later. Tears rolling down her eyes, she asked herself, Will I have to live with this all my life? They taught her to raise voice against the wrong, and each time she did so she was left all alone. Still gathering courage she did what she had decided, and found the ones for whom she fought, uninterested in the proceedings. It hurts badly, it hurts her deep inside. If they think she was not doing the right thing and the matter should be ended, why didn't  they tell in the first place? its YOU for whom she took all the trouble for, damn it!! Why are you so dumb now? Its been years, and she is still the same. After each incident, she retrospects, is she wrong ? should she not speak? May be keeping quite is not being selfish but being socially intelligent. But then these are petty matters. And what about keeping shut on larger issues too. Do you call that being SOCIALLY INTELLIGENT.
Its funny to see how, when a man is shot dead or a girl is raped, the same bunch of people react to the same situation at different positions in different ways.
When watching it on television, “GOD!! Nobody even cared to help!! Zamaana bada kharab hai aajkal, koi kisika nahi hai, i feel so pity for the man. Atleast someone could have taken him to a doctor.”
When at the site of incident, they are dumb spectators, filled with awe. When the man beside suggests, “i think we should help” they react,”Have you gone mad? it will lead us into deep trouble.”
On hearing that their relative is now into the matter, as he tried to help, “he is an idiot??, jyaada mahaan banne ka pada tha. If we get into trouble, we won’t spare him.”
When the man shot is his brother,”how could anybody NOT help!! Does nobody in this world have a heart? What if it was your brother!!?? What if it was YOU??”
If this last thought came to EVERYONE’S mind in the very first place, each time, You know what?? We will have an entirely different world to live in. A wonderful and a beautiful one.
Most people excuse themselves saying, “you don’t know; it’s me who will fall into trouble later." But the thing is:
The right people fall into trouble cause the others DON'T CARE. If you and everyone react or atleast support the same way you feel, they will never end up being in trouble and never will you fear being in any.
Its so astonishing to see most of us just talk about it. Living our lives cheating ourselves, cheating our words.
p.s : all moral science chapters should come with a cautionary warning: whatever said in this chapter is completely fictious. Most of them don’t  apply to the real world. Be ready to be called INSANE and STUPID if you apply them directly.
p.s : hats off to the makers of DAMINI, RANG DE BASANTI, and hats off to NDTV for solving the jessica murder case.
p.s : it would be so nice if the zeal that fills us after watching these movies got stuck in our minds forever, instead of just lingering for a few hours or days. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

the LOST CITY found !!

Talking about aliens fills everyone with anxiety. Who won’t be thrilled with even the imagination of having people like us somewhere ‘up above the sky’? The scientists are continuously working to find evidences of life forms on MARS or any basic necessity for life-form to exist, since decades. Any minimal suspect of a molecule of H20 being found on MARS, becomes the headline of tomorrow’s newspaper all across the world. But, have we fully explored EARTH? No, is the obvious, unwillingly accepted, universal truth. 

Deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean, are weird chimney like tall structures, with extreme environment in all respects and extremes of temperatures.What is astonishing is that, sea crabs and other sea-creatures not only survive but actually depend on such extreme and poisonous biosphere. Oops!! it isn't Poisonous for them. A rare-biosphere with complete absence of oxygen and carbon-dioxide, composed of high density of methane and hydrogen, temperature of 76oC,  and with water saltier than salt, is what they CAN’T live without. It is also completely devoid of Sunlight- believed to be the source of energy for any ecosystem. In 1970, discovery of BLACK SMOKER amazed the world. It was a place with life at deep sea depths with water boiling at high temperatures, but presence of carbon dioxide made the presence of life comprehensive. But metabolism of creatures living on hydrogen and methane remains a mystery. Unveiling this mystery can unfold mysteries of history of existence of life on EARTH, and strangely also on MARS ( methane has recently been discovered in atmosphere of MARS). We say, we are still untouched by the mysteries of the universe, but the fact remains that, earth is still an abyss of exploration for mankind. Lost city covers an area of about 3 lakh sq kilometres with chimney like structures ranging from 30 to 200 feet height, more surprisingly with huge population. We found one lost city, guess many more awaiting!!
Lost City was discovered during a National Science Foundation expedition in 2000 to Atlantic Ocean by UW oceanography professor and paper co-author Deborah Kelley and others.

p.s: what say abu a visit to the 'lost city' ??
p.s: this blog is goin to be flooded by such posts. pieces of science i collected over some teenage years.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pen-down the circuit

Day: Friday morning.
Venue: Digital electronics lab.
I reached late; this has been the usual me this whole semester. My lab-mates were putting all their effort in constructing the digital circuit given on the xerox sheet. And I was too lazy to poke in, so all I did was, stared. Rajesh was enjoying his favourite work of cutting wires into required length, and the rest were all entangled in untangling the short-long connecting wires. I gazed at the bread-board, and this was the second time that it came to my mind – what a man the bread-board designer might be, to think of such an organized way to designing a neat and clean circuitry. Definitely, he hadn't an inch of clumsy me in himself. But still, this isn’t that comfortable. You aren’t sure whether the wires have been inserted in the holes properly or not. You can’t exactly figure out what the circuit is, as it doesn't resemble the schematic circuit you made with all those beautiful straight lines on paper. And then it struck, CIRCUIT-PEN. It would be NICE :) if we could DRAW the connecting wires which would actually conduct electricity (just like those thin lines impressed upon PCB boards). Wow!! Doesn’t it give the feel of having that ‘magic-pencil’ of ‘shaka-laka-boom-boom’ in your hand?? :)
DESIGN: This pen would have an out-case of a thick stylish pen, with metallic ink and heating circuitry inside it. The metallic ink must have feasibly low melting point and must remain solid at room temperature. Unfortunately tin/lead alloy (solder) does not seem feasible since it’s bouncy, due to high cohesion and so it will be difficult to ‘write’ with. The cross-section of opening will determine the resistance and the amount of current, drawn connecting wires can carry. This is  thankfully small in case of electronic circuits, and especially low for laboratory purposes. The pen would contain a battery for the heating circuit, preferably rechargeable. The base on which the circuit will be drawn can be the PCB sheet, which would as usual contain matrix of holes for fixing of ICs or any electronic component in it.
DRAWBACKS: This requires a new PCB sheet and the metallic ink every time, which was not in the case of breadboard and connecting wires. Also all the connections will be bare. However developing a cleaning mechanism, say by using a chemical which dissolves the metallic ink used, can make the PCB sheet reusable.
USE: Construction of practical circuits will be as easy as drawing it on paper and we can have a clear understanding of the circuit we made, hence avoiding loose connections, short circuiting, and making troubleshooting easier.

It’s wonderful to imagine how you push a button and it switches ON the heating circuit, heating the metal near the opening, resulting in smooth outflow of connecting liquid, and you DRAW the electronic circuit which actually works. Reality will be amazing. :) :)

p.s: my first technical post. yipee !!
p.s: the temperature factor was sandeep's(lab-mate) idea :).
p.s: electronics is not that bad, it will take time to be my love :P :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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