Monday, March 7, 2011

the LOST CITY found !!

Talking about aliens fills everyone with anxiety. Who won’t be thrilled with even the imagination of having people like us somewhere ‘up above the sky’? The scientists are continuously working to find evidences of life forms on MARS or any basic necessity for life-form to exist, since decades. Any minimal suspect of a molecule of H20 being found on MARS, becomes the headline of tomorrow’s newspaper all across the world. But, have we fully explored EARTH? No, is the obvious, unwillingly accepted, universal truth. 

Deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean, are weird chimney like tall structures, with extreme environment in all respects and extremes of temperatures.What is astonishing is that, sea crabs and other sea-creatures not only survive but actually depend on such extreme and poisonous biosphere. Oops!! it isn't Poisonous for them. A rare-biosphere with complete absence of oxygen and carbon-dioxide, composed of high density of methane and hydrogen, temperature of 76oC,  and with water saltier than salt, is what they CAN’T live without. It is also completely devoid of Sunlight- believed to be the source of energy for any ecosystem. In 1970, discovery of BLACK SMOKER amazed the world. It was a place with life at deep sea depths with water boiling at high temperatures, but presence of carbon dioxide made the presence of life comprehensive. But metabolism of creatures living on hydrogen and methane remains a mystery. Unveiling this mystery can unfold mysteries of history of existence of life on EARTH, and strangely also on MARS ( methane has recently been discovered in atmosphere of MARS). We say, we are still untouched by the mysteries of the universe, but the fact remains that, earth is still an abyss of exploration for mankind. Lost city covers an area of about 3 lakh sq kilometres with chimney like structures ranging from 30 to 200 feet height, more surprisingly with huge population. We found one lost city, guess many more awaiting!!
Lost City was discovered during a National Science Foundation expedition in 2000 to Atlantic Ocean by UW oceanography professor and paper co-author Deborah Kelley and others.

p.s: what say abu a visit to the 'lost city' ??
p.s: this blog is goin to be flooded by such posts. pieces of science i collected over some teenage years.
p.s: i am learning to be completed (aah !! dont wrack ur brains on this, its a me to me talk) :)

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