Friday, April 8, 2011

singing lives.. voices unheard..

12th March, 2011
Today I happened to meet two little girls on my way back home, early morning. They were moving around in the local train, singing to a tune that carried a small lesson that life teaches. The little girls hardly seemed to understand its meaning, yet they sang it in a way which could strike the chords of millions of hearts. The younger girl had a distinguishingly sweet voice and the elder one added beats to it with the two clinking stones she carried. I couldn’t stop myself from recording it. I asked them to sing it again for me. The girls shied away. I gathered courage and asked again. “Phir se gaaugi toh bahut paisa dungi! gaaoo na..”, the younger one smiled and tried to hide within herself while the elder one started asking her to sing. She was serious. May be tempting them to sing for money freshened up the injury she has been living with. She was matured at that underage of ten, and had learnt to live with that life. The innocent and the sparkling smile of the younger one showed how she was still unaware of what the elder one could perceive. Lucky she!!
And she sangJ. So sweet was her voice, so innocent was her smile and so true was the message. They sang the whole song for me. Yipeee!! . I wished to see the same smile on both of them. And the photo-session helped a lot J. Crap !! i forgot to ask their names .. L
Here’s the song: “haan suno champaa, haan suno taara; na koi jeeta na koi haara” and i have uploaded the whole of it, you can listen to a small part of it.

p.s: realised mp3 files cannot be uploaded on blogspot. Had to convert it into mp4. L . This has detoriated the sound quality. I swear they were much sweeter than this. thanks divshare :)
p.s: i love to travel by train. :)
p.s: this is my favourite post till date. I feel like a writer :P :)