Thursday, September 22, 2011

The dee dee tee of something

Electric Field and Magnetic Field, the parents of Light .. gave this lovely child whose swiftness, the speed of 3x10^8 meters per second amazed us with its extent of absoluteness. Time travel comes as so much of an impossibility, but the weirdest of inventions by man has instilled the firm belief  that 'everything is possible', and here we are in an era eagerly waiting for the most awaited invention, the time machine, to become a reality.

And today a thought struck that d/dt of something silently whispers to us, 'hey believe me, its possible, just look a little deeper'. Did any one of us hear it? 
The change in electric field with respect to time generates a magnetic flux meaning the magnetic field now in dependent on whether the electric field will change or not, implying its dependency on the value of electric field just after the present moment. This means the magnetic field, which we know now is the effect of some future value, something which has not yet occurred implying knowing that the present value of magnetic field lets us predict future, and changing its value can aid has change the future. Did you notice something?? Its kind of logically proved that fortune telling is completely scientific and that we control our future. Both contradictory notions comes true by a single logical equation.

p.s: this post is under construction .. 
p.s: this post is based on the assumption that in dE/dt, E= E(t+dt)-E(t).. cause it might also be that 
E=E(t-dt)-E(t). If the latter is only valid then the above theory doesn't hold
p.s: listening to 'aeloji sanam hum aagaye' from andaz apna apna
p.s: i love aamir ;)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love like you’ve never been hurt :):)

प्यार करने वालो की बेचैनी ... by Neha Singh

तू नहीं तो मेरा दिल उदास , 
मुझे तो हर घडी है बस तेरी आस ;
चाहूँ तुझे हर पल अपने साथ  |
ऐ मेरी अधूरी प्यास ..
अब है गुजारिश तुझसे ,
रह जा तू दिल के आस पास..
हर पल हर साँस |

बेचैनियो का हल ... by Monika Agarwal 

क्यों अपनी उदासी की वजह बताये तू उसे ,
जी ले खुद में, ज़िन्दगी हसीन है ;
आंसु भी आये आँखों मैं तो सिर्फ खुसी के ;
कि ख्वाबो में भी उसे तेरी खिलखिलाहट सुनाइए दे |
न बन तू प्यासा उसकी जुदाई में ,
बन जा तू बहती नदी ..
कि खो जाये वो तेरी हर अंगड़ाई में |

p.s : people often say, where there is love, there is life... but i believe its also much the other way round.. and that where there is life, there is love.