Friday, August 12, 2011

umbrella love

I had decided to reduce my frequent visits to the library and now it has been more than a week since I have been there. An idea to spend a few peaceful hours with myself, struck me this friday, and so at six in the evening, I headed towards the library with chandu.
As I lifted up the pen to enter my name into the visitors list, I browsed my eyes through the register to check if it had his name enlisted. There were two entries of the same name, and I knew none of them was his. So he wasn’t there inside, I concluded. By this time i was well versed with his handwriting. It would be just the first letter, then something and a ‘j’, as if italicized. I sat in the reading room, exactly where I saw him last with her ( I had no intention to do so, but realised it a little later). As usual, i spent my time using internet, searching and reading random stuffs on human behaviour. As i was going through wiki’s definition of ‘patience’, something i have always lacked big time, largely a reason of my immaturity, the lights went off. I looked around, and it was all dark. all i could see were squares of brightness from laptops yet there was no luminance . And I thought, ‘information can provide you light but only wisdom can enlighten you’. I looked on my lappy again, back to reading downloaded stuffs. Soon after, me and chandu decided to head back to the hostel.
Back in hostel, I could feel the gloominess growing inside. Not again I said, thinking about the semester long gloominess I overcame with great effort. I decided to give its rise a stop by watching a movie. As I looked for my pendrive, i just could not find it anywhere. It was inside my bag, clear in my memory. Still, I searched for it everywhere and also asked some people about it. I might have left it in the library. It was 8:46 pm and I decided to run back to the library. Out of the hostel gate, I started walking faster on the wet road, just when I crossed the popular PMC mod near my department, to see something ..
 Close together they stood under one umbrella. She was shuffling stuffs from a packet he held open. I never thought this would happen so soon. Shocked yet composed, I walked past them. Shimmering rain of august, romantic moment for them indeed. He had come to drop her. And it all happened with her. I wish I could be more courageous, more open, more matured, more patient, more secretive, more sophisticated, less confused and more of a coder.
As i headed along the path, I turned my head a few degrees to get a hint if he was coming behind. I started running towards the library to vanish from his sight soon (or may be to come to his notice) in that half-lit darkness. I reached the library with the silhouette of them together stuck to my retina. I searched for my pendrive here and there and everywhere in the reading room but i couldn’t find it anywhere. After asking the librarian to keep it safe in case he found it, I walked out of the library. It had started raining harder, as if to weep for me. I ran again, this time to save myself from the rain, stopped at the department for a second and then ran till I reached back the hostel, more concerned about that sight than about the drive. Browsing my hand in my bag, I was wondering about the greater loss I suffered today when my fingers felt the metallic cooling sensation. I held it tight and lifted it up. Here it was, my pendrive !
Was it God’s plan to show me reasons to move on !?

p.s: yups! she is the same i-think-so-girlfriend with the think-so now volatized. :( 
p.s: guys this is not as serious as it seems :D. Of course I can move on :)