Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Actions speak LOUDER than words. They say, don’t SHOUT!!

‘How badly they want that change’ is what people talk behind but when it comes to making a change they say “Jhmele main kaun padega!!” Why the f*** were you talking all that crap all this time??timepass?? Or do you want a Socrates to be born every time for you and do something, then you silently see him drinking the poison later. Tears rolling down her eyes, she asked herself, Will I have to live with this all my life? They taught her to raise voice against the wrong, and each time she did so she was left all alone. Still gathering courage she did what she had decided, and found the ones for whom she fought, uninterested in the proceedings. It hurts badly, it hurts her deep inside. If they think she was not doing the right thing and the matter should be ended, why didn't  they tell in the first place? its YOU for whom she took all the trouble for, damn it!! Why are you so dumb now? Its been years, and she is still the same. After each incident, she retrospects, is she wrong ? should she not speak? May be keeping quite is not being selfish but being socially intelligent. But then these are petty matters. And what about keeping shut on larger issues too. Do you call that being SOCIALLY INTELLIGENT.
Its funny to see how, when a man is shot dead or a girl is raped, the same bunch of people react to the same situation at different positions in different ways.
When watching it on television, “GOD!! Nobody even cared to help!! Zamaana bada kharab hai aajkal, koi kisika nahi hai, i feel so pity for the man. Atleast someone could have taken him to a doctor.”
When at the site of incident, they are dumb spectators, filled with awe. When the man beside suggests, “i think we should help” they react,”Have you gone mad? it will lead us into deep trouble.”
On hearing that their relative is now into the matter, as he tried to help, “he is an idiot??, jyaada mahaan banne ka pada tha. If we get into trouble, we won’t spare him.”
When the man shot is his brother,”how could anybody NOT help!! Does nobody in this world have a heart? What if it was your brother!!?? What if it was YOU??”
If this last thought came to EVERYONE’S mind in the very first place, each time, You know what?? We will have an entirely different world to live in. A wonderful and a beautiful one.
Most people excuse themselves saying, “you don’t know; it’s me who will fall into trouble later." But the thing is:
The right people fall into trouble cause the others DON'T CARE. If you and everyone react or atleast support the same way you feel, they will never end up being in trouble and never will you fear being in any.
Its so astonishing to see most of us just talk about it. Living our lives cheating ourselves, cheating our words.
p.s : all moral science chapters should come with a cautionary warning: whatever said in this chapter is completely fictious. Most of them don’t  apply to the real world. Be ready to be called INSANE and STUPID if you apply them directly.
p.s : hats off to the makers of DAMINI, RANG DE BASANTI, and hats off to NDTV for solving the jessica murder case.
p.s : it would be so nice if the zeal that fills us after watching these movies got stuck in our minds forever, instead of just lingering for a few hours or days. :)