Thursday, March 17, 2011

love is
when you go insane
and he goes insane for you,
love is 
when you call him once 
and he keeps calling you,
love is 
when he is ready to forgive
before you ask for it,
love is 
when you don't believe
and he believes in you,
love is 
when you hide yourself
and he keeps looking for you,
love is 
when you aren't sure
and he gives all the faith to you
love is
when these feelings are true
love is
when its both him and you.

p.s : let me clear again:
      i am not in love :P :)
p.s : dedicated to the two cutest
      cutest pairs malvika-shakti
p.s : got phy labtest tomorrow,someone enlightened me about this fact just now. thanx to fbchat.i need to study it now :)byee. 

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