Friday, June 10, 2011

doodle guitar player download

Google came up with that surprise doodle on les paul's birthday, yesterday. A digital guitar right on your broswer. wow!! i spent hours playing on it, and even learned the 'happy birthday song', to play on it. And the next day when i sat surfing,.. aaahh !!it wasn't there anymore :(. I wish i had that on my pc forever. And then the search began. and guess what! there were many a methods to do that. Thanks to the computer geeks allround heres the one which successfully worked for me.

step1.  download the .zip file from here download (source:

step2. open the index.html file. and you have it here. :). 
can u hear the strumming?? i guess not, cause sounds only work on localhost or server due to flash security. To unblock this, follow step3.

step3. go to
This page will load your local configurations for shockwave player.

select 'always allow' --> In edit locations tab, add location -->
in trust this location tab type "guitar11.swf" and confirm.
open index.html again, and check out.
you can play n listen, YeS!! :)
Happy strumming !!

p.s:  according and in :, google will soon make the guitar available for download. keep checking this site.
p.s: you ought to thank me ;)
p.s: do comment, if it helped or if it didn't and if you have some easier or interesting method. :)

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