Friday, May 27, 2011

wallpaper clock on ubuntu :)

I have finally installed ubuntu10.10 on my laptop, after a number of trials and errors, bugging some of my fellow batch-mates big time. Somehow, i did it on my own. And thank god !! my hard disk did not crash.
It seems to be quite a compulsion that every Linux user blogs about using and having fun with it. So in the prospective of becoming a faithful Linux user, here i go, blogging about my first experience.
I came across this interesting thing while looking for some nice wallpapers for my desktop. A wallpaper clock, have a look at some of them...

nice na !! real time clocks beautifully integrated on your wall. Below are the steps to get one for your Ubuntu desktop.

1. First you need to install screenlets. The command is ' sudo apt-get install '. I installed it by going ubuntu software center in the applications drop-down-list.

2. Download wallpaper clock of your choice from vladstudio. The downloaded file will have a .wcz extension.
3. After the installation is complete, go to Application > Accessories > Screenlets

4. There is a wallpaper clock widget in the list of widgets. select and click on Launch/Add on the top left corner just below the search bar.

5. The widget appears on the desktop. right click on the widget. click on 'install wallpaper clock'. Browse from for the .wcz extension file you downloaded. the wallpaper is installed.

6. To apply on the desktop, right click on the widget again. select change wallpaper clock >my wallpapers> "the downloaded wallpaper"

Have fun !!

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