Monday, October 15, 2012

In 21 days and 20 secs.

 I was going through "Who will cry when you die" by Robin Sharma last semester. It is usually such books that I prefer to read, where you need not follow any linear sequence, you can drop into any page whenever you feel like, even twice, feeling all motivated. There I found this article which talked about, how cultivating a habit is just about 21 days of conscious effort. You set a goal in your mind, put in a determined effort for 21 days and the very next day, it becomes you .. that habit now defines you.. In the past 6 months or so I have experimented on myself, in various ways.. overcoming so many negative traits. I have become so patient, more understanding, less-hyper and more effective.. got control over my temper and developed a right balance of emotional connection and detachment, all that I aimed to be. From cultivating patience to overcoming procrastination .. the 21 days theory has worked wonders, making me self-dependent in true sense. If such changes can be brought in 21 days.. I bet you can cultivate any good habit (and get rid of bad ones) just anyone .. be it exercising daily, overcoming procrastination, reading books, sleeping on time, waking up early or doing one good deed everyday, at any age.

  20 seconds speaks of courage to start off. To quote Benjamin Mee, "Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it." The theory says that the time lapse between deciding what is to be done and actually doing it, is only 20 seconds. All it takes is only 20 seconds of courage and determination to actually do it. Applying the 21 days theory will need 20 seconds of courage each day.. to do what you had decided, and what will emerge out of you is a person you always wanted to be.

In my post 'So though yet so special' .. I mentioned that I have learnt a lot of brilliant lessons and implemented them too and but that I am looking "forward to the coming year as a process of embedding it so deep into my soul that it just becomes my natural self".. I am so proud to proclaim myself ..that its mid-October 2012 and I am done with it, embedded them so deep into my soul and they have become my natural self. :):) 

 In 21 days and 20 seconds you can change your world!

p.s: It will also take only 21 days to loose a habit once you stop, but don't loose hope.. get doing for 21 days again.. it will be a lot more easier and effective this time :) 
p.s: There are still a few things to be worked upon (and something or the other will always remain, after-all there is always a scope for improvement :) )
p.s: Worked enough on my character, now I need to work upon my brain and soul.
p.s: Got placed at Sapient Global Markets. It is an awesome feeling. I wish I don't have to join it :P
p.s: Will listen to 'the secret' by Kelly Howell now. :)


  1. Can you please lend me this book?? and remove this irritating captcha so that I can comment without having an irritating scum blocking my way

  2. it wasn't my book actually.. it was chandu's.. and i returned it to her last sem only..u can ask from her :) .. and ya.. if you really want to read a motivational book i would suggest "you can win" by shiv khera... this one is an amazing self improvement workbook.. much much better that robin sharma's
    p.s: removed that word verification thing.

  3. and i have that second one.. take that from me.. if you want ! :)

  4. I have also read about 21 days experiment too in Robin Sharma’s other book- “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” (which BTW is also a great read). But 20 seconds! Hmmmm It really got me thinking and as I did some soul-scorching voyage in past I found it to be abso-amazing-lutely true. It really takes you only 20 seconds of insane courage and crazy bravery to get something great done by you. But I gotta tell you that most of the time these 20 seconds has brought me prodigious amount of embarrassing and awkward moments in the future though. If you know what I mean ;).

    1. .. what my experience says(most of it i share with my papa) that there are things that strike you first, and you really think it is a good idea.. but the fear of embarrassment starts haunting you, as to what others will think .. but if you act in 20secs you will find immense happiness in having done that along with astonished faces. later when they figure out it is a good idea, they will join u. happened with me and papa many times..! but this is often confused by some people with the thought that whatever they sought to do will be praised, coz they had the courage.. which often results in an act of ridicule. So we should first believe in self, which should come from within and is not just a show off act and you should be ready to face the embarrassment(you might just be wrong)..