Monday, June 4, 2012

scriptophobia ?? are you kidding??

So its 4th of June 2012, I am working on a post, exactly after 5 months 3days and 20 hours and 10 minutes  determined to publish it and not dump it again into the drafts like most of my other posts. I have done this very often out of the fear of writing (Scriptophobia, they call it, lol :D). It was back in class four when I first skipped by winter vacation work of writing an essay on "winter holidays". Gossh !! an essay? I just can't do that.. this is so boring..  and what will I write ?? all I love about winters is staying under the quilt and never coming out.. how can I fill pages on this? My teacher made me kneel down for two hours in the assembly hall after making several attempts of making me write that essay and trust me, this was easier than writing a whole essay :P Formal letters were just so easy to attempt in exams, you know? short and sweet! I dozed off in most of my exams after completing the whole paper but the essay :D resulting in a bad score in all my English exams :D Writing had always been headache and even an article seems to me like writing a whole library and that fear of not being good enough always lingers, even today, it sometimes does! Am I that bad at expression? certainly not! at least after the feedback I have received from my friends who loved reading a few of my articles :) . You know what? Writing is amazing. Its like an organised art.. it helps to organize your thoughts and eventually your actions. It helps you cultivate patience and develops you as a person. When you are over with one write up, it feels amazing, you know why? Because you feel like a CREATOR. :) :) To all those who are willing to write but feel something is holding them back  just "start writing and stop thinking." One myth about writing is that you need to have all thoughts and ideas in place before you start with it. It is just not so. You will be surprised to experience how ideas flow eventually to your fingertips once you start writing. A little bit of editing and then a little more and you will see how to come up with a so much better piece of it than you ever imagined.

Happy Writing !

p.s:first post from iitb, so unrelated to the place. :D
p.s: i have tons of stuffs to share, making it difficult to choose which one to share first :D
p.s: song i am listening to - lol i ain't listening to any now (pachhhkaaa !!!):P
p.s: thanks giving:
anurag for getting me started with this blog
and raumali, chandu, dilip, shanky bhaiya, pavan and all others for liking it and making me believe I can. :)

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