Sunday, January 1, 2012

So tough, yet so special !

The year which started with a heart-vs-brain chaos ended with the brilliance of lessons learnt and implemented, and I look forward to the coming year as a process of embedding it so deep into my soul that it just becomes my natural self. Six months of trauma and six months of recovery, rebirth is just the word, I can sum up this year into. Truly a rebirth, where I went on from being a i-could-never-understand-worldly-ways to world-is-how-you-see-it girl, a step rise from नैतिकता का पथ to धार्मिकता का पथ |

  • The world is indeed so beautiful, if you respect and love whats near you ; "जो पास है, वही ख़ास है ". 
  • Reaching out for something, you don't believe you deserve is both sided unfair. Its not the existence of       goals you don't deserve that keeps you away from it, but the absence of faith that you deserve it. Believing you deserve it, helps you put in your best and the rest is always in God's court :)
  • Being patient, isn't lack of enthusiasm; its to keep going when the going is hard and slow. 
  • Keep yourself in resonance with the conscience God has gifted you, it might mean sacrificing momentary pleasures but it will also mean achievement of purpose of your life. 
  • Steve jobs said "We are here to put a dent in the universe, otherwise why even be here?" and I add "don't worry about how big your dent will be or should be, give your best, enjoy every moment of it and be happy that you did your part well, it will give you divine satisfaction and happiness."

With no regrets, and loads of love to all who made this year so special; knowingly or unknowingly, willing or unwillingly :) I bid 2011 a goodbye :) Hugs and kisses 2011 :)

And with all the warmth, a hearty welcome to 2012, which to is be the "monika-ko-sudharo aandolan II" :P. I wish the world comes out safe and secure next year, for extended adventures of life. love <3


p.s: the song being played on the streets right now - Jaanlewa teri adaa,kaise no ho koi fida,tera aang sharara jaise mare lishkara soniyeee .. i feel lyk dancing now :):)
p.s: will be back to college tomorrow, struck by mixed feelings.. had an awesome stay at home. love you papa-mummy. love you more than ever before :)


  1. You know why I love reading your blogs...because your thoughts are full of "Self Realization" and I believe the person who possess this quality is a near-to-perfection-human-being.

    I loved the way you choose 1st January 2012 as the day to rewind last year and gather all the positive points out of the negatives happened to you. Excellent sweetheart.

    Love ya
    God Bless

  2. overwhelmed by your response bhaiya. its all because YOU see things so positively :) thank you so much for your blessings, you don't know how badly i need them :)