Friday, June 22, 2012

Beauty is first how it is shown and then how it is seen!!

There was a time when I loved physics to an extent that I proudly claimed I would marry physics for the rest of my life. I am more of a philosophical individual than technical, and I love the way science connects to the world socially, spiritually and most importantly how it makes an honest attempt to understand it. But lately I have been loosing interest in science, not as a whole, but as a career. No matter how much you love something, staying happy is most important.. and if something you love isn't making you happy, its better to switch. I blame my perpetual loss of interest solely on the way it is being taught to us. Mugging up equations isn't life. Learning all register formats of a microprocessor doesn't motivate me to use it. Knowing how it can be used to create wonders does motivate me to mug up all register formats. Unfortunately the past three years of my so called engineering has only contributed to wastage of my capabilities.
But my heart says.. something which has made your life so beautiful and interesting cannot be boring.

I came across an article on 'how electronics should be taught and perceived' discussing major problems that lies in the teaching system:

happy learning !!

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