Saturday, November 24, 2012

Recurrent Dreams..

The eyes open to the morning glow,
only to know it was just a dream..
The whole day passes by,
with bursts of thought..
Oh! it remained a dream...
With no memories to recall of distant love..
I live with thoughts and thoughts repose..
Telling myself it is nothing so real..
and I know I will let it go.
Then off to bed,  I slip into the quilt, 
close my eyes..and live in a dream.

p.s: this is i guess, my first so-called 'poetic' poem. I am so  proud of this one :P


  1. Nice one! I can relate to it since only a few days back I had such a dream, and the day went by with my mind immersed in its afterthoughts. Ironically, these afterthoughts are memories of the past. Was it sad? Or did it make me happy? Dunno. But it was a dream. Just a dream. :)

    1. exactly .. and then the dream is where u truly live !