Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ajmal Kasab Hanged. Period.

Oct 10, 2011: Kasab tells SC that he was brainwashed like a "robot" into committing the heinous crime in the name of "God" and that he does not deserve capital punishment owing to his young age.

Nov 21,2012: Kasab hanged in Yerawada Jail in Pune.

 But for all the merciless killings that happened during the mumbai attacks, and all the brave hearts who fought courageously to death to save innocent men, I still felt sorry for Kasab today. As I kept listening to my sister, giving me a detailed summary of the event, my heart kept softening for Kasab. May be any human heart would, for that matter. Kasab's hanging may be a completely justified political decision, but deep down, wasn't he prey to the surroundings he was brought up in? What would he have known about the world when he was brought to those terrorist training camps? An innocent child, he would have been. The highly impressionable mind of this child was then polished to serve selfish destructive ambitions. Thousands of such kasabs are brought to such camps everyday. Some fall prey and some rise to power of similar destructive missions.
Kasab as only 21 when he was arrested. When asked about his last wish he asked officials to inform his mother.

 Kasab wasn't the real culprit. He was just a tool. A tool to be used and thrown. 

The  real cause, the true devils are sitting high above all power in various forms.. laughing their teeth out at every destruction..

 A week before I watched DaVinciCode.. which also talked about merciless killings in the name of GOD. We humans fall prey to such abstract ideas so easily. It is always easier for us to believe in GOD than to believe our neighbour. We talk about liberation in different forms.  Wouldn't it be true liberation, to live the life bestowed upon us (by anyone or just no one) in peace and serenity. 

Isn't humanity above all religion, science and politics!!  


  1. Totally agree with you. Dunno why but I have this weird anti-feeling about capital punishment. None of us knows the inner story, we have no idea about his life. I know what he did was unjustified, but inhuman, unforgivable.

    But again I believe that every person's life is like a movie script. His work, his behaviour all has a background story about which we don't have any idea. So we don't have any right to judge any person

  2. i totally agree with you..
    but what happened on 26/11 cant be forgiven in any ways..
    although i am empathetic towards kasab.. i totally second
    the judgement taken against him. That is the only way to show the world, or to the attacking nation that the act cant be forgiven.
    I dont know if you know this, but pakistan didn evn claim for his body.. he was betrayed by his own nation.. but then this was meant
    to happen with his life.. and many others who are puppets in the hands of such demonic troops.