Monday, December 31, 2012

Breaking the silence! forever?


     The whole of delhi and eventually India coming together for the cause of delivering justice  the 23-year old gangrape victim reflects the courage and values the present youth of India possesses. Standing against the brutal, insensitive police force and apathetic group of leaders, withstanding water cannons, lathicharge heralded on them consistently, the intensely committed youth shook the conscience of the entire nation. It is utmost saddening that it took a life of this brave-hearted girl to awaken the souls of the citizens, but that the nation is awaken forever will be a true tribute to her sacrifice.  That we wont shut up and fight for better system, better governance and stand up against any and every injustice. That enough is enough! and gone are the days when silence was considered the best and optimum solution to keep oneself away from problems..That we as an individual will ensure safer and pleasant surrounding in every way for every individual. That we have broken the silence forever!!
    Saluting the youth of India and pledging to be one such responsible citizen, I hope and wish that defying all odds, the power and positive energy we possess will unite and multiply to give way to better, brighter, shinning  and a truly democratic INDIA..

 Here a poem by Amitabh Bachchan, a tribute of the brave-heart to whom the country will be indebted forever, a girl who didn't ask for us to be courageous but just a girl who went for a movie, boarded a bus and .. ..victimized ..

p.s: The world didn't end, but 2012 left loads on memories for indians to remember forever.
       Where the anna's  India against corruption movement awakened India's political conscience
       and the pain of the 23-year-old, our social conscience.       
p.s:  this link directs you to an insightful article on the incident.               

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