Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On Cycling

I have been cycling all around in Bangalore on my khatara-pyaara second-hand over-priced cycle. Its been an elating experience to own such a perfect means of transport. The best part is that it can keep up with my energy level. I love when we criss-cross our way through the jammed traffic. On a cycle, you don't stop.. you figure new paths out. Have been missing on such a heavy dose of everyday happiness all these years. Its now that I realize :

Cycling is a joy unparalleled. :)

p.s : Not putting much effort in my posts. On a mission to cultivate the habit of being prolific. Will soon merge the two.
p.s: song of the day : Wo Sikandar he doston kehlata hai :D
p.s: because i love aamir ;)

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