Sunday, January 4, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

2014 had been a great year of self-exploration. From lot of readings, fitness sprees, cycling sprints to mini-marathons ; living alone allowed me to try out a platitude of things on one hand, and on the other hand made me realize the extent of emotional security human companionship provides.
Our emotional health quotient is a complex function of companionship and solitude.
Companionship is like food for heart. Whether good or bad you need it but of course, the better the quality of food the healthier your heart is.
Solitude is like dieting. It helps you maintain your food intake, cleanses your heart and helps it pump at its true potential. Excess of dieting lowers blood-pressure and leads to depressive emotions.
2014 had been a year of stronger family ties and deeper friendship bonds. Although scattered and not constructive, 2014 had also been a year of great learning. And what can be a perfect end to a year than getting to perform at two year-end parties. ^_^

2015 is not going to be a regular year. Either for the good or for the bad, this year is going to be decisive of what the rest of my life holds. It is its position on my lifeline that gives it this sense of urgency. There is a point when you can't let life just be and you feel this pinching need to figure things out, figure things so that each day is well lived and not just breathed. When you have that longing need for direction. When its a do or you will die situation. I wish myself all the best. :)
Wishing every creation on earth a very happy new year ! :)

p.s : travelling from kolkata to noida,
      got this post reviewed from my co-passengers. :)
p.s : posting from my new moto- G2 ;)
p.s : listening to 'hil dil k naacho naacho' :D

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