Monday, January 10, 2011

-- why don't i have a girlfriend ?

boy : why don't i have a girlfriend ?
friend : do u like someone..?
boy : no..
friend : thats the reason!!
boy : actualy i do...
friend : what efforts have to made to get her.. and how badly do you want her?
boy : nothing special of that sort .. i just like her..
friend : thats the reason ..again .. !!

there is a reason to why we have certain things in life and why we don't.. the root lies is in how badly we want it ..or is it that we were just in the awe cause someone else has it. If you really want something or someone in life you will leave no stone unturned to have it, if you don't have that urge in you its either that you don't deserve it or it doesn't deserve you :)

p.s: aaah !! my first post .. m loving it :)